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Benny's Environmental Services

Not only do we collect your waste but we make sure it is disposed of in the best way for the environment. We can handle your entire waste management from beginning to end. Benny's only transports to State approved disposal facilities where the waste undergoes the proper disposal. 


Used Oil Filter Recycling


If you have oil filters lying around your business, Benny's can definitely help. First make sure that they are metal, punctured, and drained. Then contact us for a quick and easy pick-up.


Did you know that Benny's processes the filters? 

They are compressed into a cube squeezing all of the residual oil then transported to a metal recycling facility where they are 100% recycled. 


Hazardous Waste & Non-Hazardous Waste Services


Our team will guide you through the complex process to properly dispose of hazardous waste. Benny's handles every waste stream- flammables, corrosives, toxics, combustibles, and oxidizers. We even handle universal wastes. We also make sure to provide detailed records for any inspection that you may have. You are in good hands when choosing Benny's!

Are you curious about a waste stream not listed above? Email us!


Oil & Antifreeze Service


Benny's has specialized tanker trucks that can come to your place of business and collect any oil or antifreeze. We then transport your used oil and antifreeze to the largest oil re-refiner in the Western United States. There it is tested and properly disposed of, following the strictest environmental regulations. 

Did you know you can request a complete service history by calling or emailing our office? We have the best record keeping in the industry!

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